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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sick_Boy, May 21, 2010.

  1. i'm sorry if this has already been talked about but i was wondering if it was true that the more heavy you are the more weed it takes to get you high?

    i don't agree since i am only 135 pounds and i really need a lot to get high.
  2. peak high might have to do with blood concentration of cannabinoids at a particular time. So It would make sense that a bigger person might have a larger blood volume and require more thc than a smaller one to get to the same concentration but everyone is different. Some people are just natural hardheads and some are lightweights.
  3. yeah maybe, also when i firste started toking a couple of years ago i was definitely HIGH as a kite so maybe it does have an effect, only now tolerance has taken over this effect.
  4. Yea it is good to take a weed break to keep the tolerance down. You'll notice the difference in a month.
  5. Idk, im rather heavy, bout 185, im workin on losin weight but not the point, and it takes me a good minute to get high,
  6. no weight doesnt have anything to do with it... I'm around 270 and I can get high as a kite with as much weed as my other friends with no tolerance. lately I haven't been able to smoke as much so my tolerance is pretty much zilch.
  7. Yeah, I don't know if it has anything to do with it. With both alcohol and weed, my tolerance is pretty low, and I'm bigger girl. I don't know if that's typical or not, though. :confused_2:
  8. Doesn't thc get absorbed into fat? so the fatter the person the higher they get? im high? Yes?

  9. THC does obsorb it fat thats why it takes so long to clear through your body.
  10. I can just smoke as much weed as I want. I'm pretty skinny 120 and I could just sit and smoke the vape, blunts, joints, bong.... wait I've only smoked out of a bong once and It got me sofuckinghigh, so I don't think I could smoke a bong all day. Me and my buddies do it all the time... we all throw in like 4 of us and just smoke all day long. On 420 I was home by myself :/, but I was smoking bowl after bowl in my vape.
  11. Nope. Plus, it'd be the same amount of THC spread out through more fat if anything. All your fat is doing is making it stay in your body longer whenever you're not baked.
  12. Your weight has nothing to do with it, we talkin about bud not beer, the quality is another story...:smoke:
  13. I think your tolerance plays the biggest role in how much you can smoke but I believe weight and size also play a big part. In my group of friends (we're all potheads), the skinniest dude will usually fall asleep early and the big guy can take grav bong hits all night.

  14. oh ok i was trying to relate the theory to edibles where the more fat, the more thc is absorbed
  15. I'm 225lbs and a gram of middies will keep me high all day.

    And I've been smoking every day for about two weeks. Got a new job that doesn't drug test.

    Low tolerance kicks ass. I'm too poor to have a high tolerance. :smoke:
  16. you'll see it'll come, i mean you've only been daily for 2 weeks, although i would advise you to not take pride in the fact of being a daily smoker cause if you start telling yourself that you must smoke everyday, would it be only to keep your reputation of daily smokers, you will build a high tolerance pretty fast and you'll be mad after buying an 8 and finishing it in one day to barely feel anything (it makes me mad and i pay them 25$ each so it's gotta be worst if you live in the USA)

  17. I smoked regularly for 3 years, and never got past the lightweight stage. Then I got a job that drug tested for two years ... didn't smoke ... now I'm back to smoking.

    I just don't have a high tolerance to it, at all. If I ever do get a high tolerance, I'll take a break. Not a big deal.
  18. well i guess you're pretty lucky then :p i wish i could smoke for 3 years and still feel really high ^^

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