Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by greeneyes420_us, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. I was wondering if anyone knew if 6 40 w fluros uses more electricity then a 250w HPS or 2 70w HPS.Cause 6 fluros uses quite a bit and takes foreever for them to grow.
  2. oh yeah i forgot.Is 70 w HPS enough for 1 or 2 plants maybe three or would i need a 100w or 150w or 250w HPS? The space is about 3 f by 4 ft.
  3. You need at least 125 watts per plant to have a decent grow. Don't skip out on lights, they are the most valuable piece of equipment iin growing.
  4. thx bpp!But will a 250w hps use more electricity than 6 40w fluros?

  5. I don't know, Indica is the mod that knows electricity. But at the cheap price of electricity in the USA, you shouldn't see the electric bill go up by more than $10 a month either way. There's not enough of a difference between the two for me to worry about. I would rather have one light to worry about than 6 lights and extension cords and splitters, etc.

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