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  1. I have a 400 watt hps mh and got 8 plants going I was thinking about adding a couple of 125 watt cfl for flowering is that a good or bad idea thanks for the help gc
  2. Is it a 400 wat mh or hps??? Either way u shouldn't need more light at all, but if u have the MH I guess it couldn't hurt to add a couple cfls
  3. It's a combo bulb it dose both . It's a argosun for veg and flower some of my lower buds don't get as dense and I was thinking I could just drop those bad boys right on them and get a little more yeild . Or it could just be the bag seeds I used last time to .I got me some og kush going now theY look great it's pretty wild all 8 I planted are females I wonder if I got femanized seeds but what ever I'm stoked cany wait till harvest
  4. This is my first grow so I haven't done this yet. But I have read where a lot of people will harvest the top part of the plant and let the middle and/or bottom grow a little while longer if it needs it. Maybe something you can try. If I am in that situation I will be doing that.

    Just a suggestion.
  5. 400 watts for 8 plants is stretching it a little. but then again cfls have poor light penetration so you may not get dense buds anyway. if anything get some low wattage hps lights (70-100 watts) and lower them down so that the bottom buds can get the extra light. if i could figure out how to set up paypal or something id be selling 70 watt hps lights. i have 13 of them for christs sake and id sell them for $35. but look around at lowes/home depot for some that might be on sale.
  6. I was thinking about a 150 hps to put In there I have a good size closet and I saw some with a built in ballas for like 80 bucks on the web . I was worried about heat I'm pushing 80 in the heat of the day .any body got a 150 hps do they throw off a lot of heat .I can't get any hoter untill I get the cash for my in line fann .i think I'm a little low on light to I keep moveing them aroud under it lol
  7. This is what I got High Tech Garden Supply. The ballast is not attached to the light. I keep it outside my closet so I don't have hardly any heat issues. Check it out.
  8. Thats HPS, how many plants u got?

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