Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Norsman, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. Hi All- a friend gave me a 1000 hps light set up. What size room is the best for this size light? I dont want to burn anything. I have a garage I can build a grow room in
  2. 50 watts per sqaure foot is great. So I guess that would be about what? 4.5x4.5 but I've heard 6x6 and certainly wouldn't strecth it any more than 8x8..... But of course what you build the room out of it going to make a huge difference too. Like an 8x8 with mylar is probally feesable, 6x6 with flat white paint will probally be alright too. I guess it all depends.
  3. if its able to be ventilated properly, id stick it in a 4' x 4' closet like room.... just for the sake that 4' x 4' makes cutting the plywood for the walls easy, in the fact that you dont have to... in my copy of closet cultivator it shows a 4' x 4' closet, with a 1000w HPS in it.... and the plants looked great... just my 3c.

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