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  1. where the fuck can i go get a decent light preferably a HPS any certain hardware, garden centers or something?? and how many dollas am i gonna spend. my closet is 3x3x7 how many watts???
  2. Indoor Sun Company sells refurbished HPS lights with spare bulbs for around $150 for a 400 watt system. I'll post the link later.
  3. An HPS 400w..$150-$230 U.S.....if you can evacuate the heat properly....use a Son-T,or Son-Agro will not be dissapointed..

  4. Here's the link for what I think is the best deal in the States for lights:

    Sorry it took me so long to post this!
  5. I was searching forever online, when I started my indoor crop, and I found the best deals from The 430 Sun Agro was only $160 for the complete kit. Of course that is in Canadian prices so it really only ran me 'bout $110. Hopefully you can find some great deals as well. Check it out.

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