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  1. i have one plant that im rasing right now.. i think im going to go organinc.. but i also might use ferts.. im nnot realy sure yet.. wich one is better to go with??

    well any way my main question is with one plant and one fluro light- what watt should i use??

    my plant is only a few days old from sprouting out of the dirt..
  2. HIGH All, it's best to read up on what kind of fert to use and what's in your area.

    Lights...try and find any flouesent fixtures. Many growing consultants and equipment merchants believe that 20-40 watts per square foot is an acceptable level of light.

    A setup of ballast, base, and bulb should only run around $20. In order to maximize results, you will need to use different bulb types during different growing cycles. Each type of fluorescent bulb puts out a different spectrum. Warm white bulbs gives off more red light, which is good for flowering. Cool white bulbs give off more blue light, which is good for vegetative growth. Fluorescent bulbs are pretty inexpensive, so you should be able to purchase both types.

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