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  1. what is the best, least expensive, most effective light that i can buy anywhere? for indoor growing , 1 plant
  2. A 70w hps is best for a small 1x1-1'6"x1' grow for $35-45 you should yeild about an oz using ScrOG.
  3. with one 65 watt work light from lights of america, 40-60 dollars at home depot, you will get full spectrum, 500 watts of light from use of 65 watts of electric, and not even 1/10 the temp for a small space this is ideal, ever hear of these grower, they are amazing!!!!! check em out buddy, Iwould be willing to say you could get 2-3 oz with scrog or without depending on genetics and over all plant mechanics.

    Is that the model you ae reffering to? its 65 watts adn puts out 4500 lumens. A 70w hps puts out 6,300 lumens brand new then after its broken in it gets 5,600 lumens. On top of the extra lumens HPS has more of the red spectrum that plants need to grow so even if the lumens isnt way off the actual light absorbed by the plant is much less with the floro. for $45 you can get a 150w hps and pull 4 wats if that your goal. a 70w hps cna pull about an ounce with soil mabey 2 with teh roight setup, good genetics, and good scrog training. You would be lucky to pull an oz with that floro. Watts is watts. Dont compare floro vs incandescent because incandescents are extremly unefecient and you cnat grow with them.

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