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  1. any feed back on out door lighting (flourscent ) out put of about 25,000 square feet.....Found the light at home depot..
    For 29.99 will it work .If so how many...pleazzze respond soon any members.....

    thannnxxxx xcomexpert !!!!!

  2. pardon?
  3. Generally you want 50 watts per square feet.

  4. 50w pr sq ft is about the max a plant can use during flowering. any more is a waste. u can grow happy plants with a lot less.
  5. tyankkks for the quick reply member.....good information thanks ... ayone else....
  6. any chance of a bit more info on wot u want to know. is it out doors ur growing or is it an ourdoor light ur gonna use. is it a 25,000 lumen lite u have? 5000 lume a sqft is a good rate of light for flowering a plant. wot size plants do u want?
  7. inside growing...light box said 25,650 sq ft area coverage..
    lumen ???? dont kno!!!! veg& flowering ,seedlings ...

    thannnxs again
  8. k, i take it the lite is a floodlite of sum kind. wot it said on the box dont mean shit. god knows how they come up with some of these numbers but they dont mean a dam in the real world.

    if u wanna grow and flower in a 3ft by 3ft space (9sqft) then u need a 250w hps. 4x4ft (16sqft) u need a 400w hps. to lite 25,000 sqft 4 growing u wud need ur own power station.

    have a GOOD look at wot u have brought, tell us any or all of the folowing.
    most important wot type of lamp/bulb/tube is it, eg: fluro, hps, halide.
    the watts it uses.
    a lumin output wud b gr8.
    if u dont know any of this then turn it on and look at it with ur hand in the way. can u see ur bones? if u can, where can i buy 1?

  9. i'll go and check it out... some kind of new florscent ...tell ya tommorow..... lates....thankyou for the quick reply!!!!
  10. iv seen the new fluro floods,the reflector is shaped to fit the fluro and the 1 i seen had i of them balastless compact type tubes in it. it was 36w i think and it looked ok 4 a small plant but thats about it. wud b good 4 vegging but 1 lite on its own wudnt have the punch 4 flowering a bigger plant,

  11. im going too check in the moring with the new name of the florscents.............

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