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  1. Hey all
    I was thinking about growing a plant or two in a a room by probably 6 feet in height, about 3 feet wide and 1 1/2 foot wide. Since im only growing two plants, and i dont have much money, what light could i use for all the stages?
    THanks all
  2. am hps would be best, but not the could use a few fluros, but i haven't used them myself......Peace out......Sid
  3. how do i know what light is what? i have alot of old lamps in my house. would those work?
  4. most probably not.....have a look here to see the diffrence with the's all about the bulbs....HPS, MH....Peace out....Sid
  5. anyone got pictures of those type o lights?
  6. hey, since i dont have much money, and its gonna be 1 or 2 plants. couldnt i just use a whole buncha lamps? or no, plants wont grow with home lamps?
  7. Incandescant lighting does'nt put out the right spectrum of lihgt for growing, you can do it, but your plants will be thin and sickly and the yield will be extremely poor. Go to walmart/kmart and get a 4ft flourescent "shop light", it's still not the best but you won't spend as much on electricity and your yield will be better. For a little more cash you can get a High Pressure Sodium " security light" and make your own reflector out of tin/sheet metal etc..........
  8. I dont wanna seem thick but if the guys runnin on a low budget then wots wrong with using the sun?

    It's bright and it's free!!!

    all u gotta do is make sure ur plant cant b seen from outside.

    In the summer i grow all of my mothers and clones by sunlight moving them round the house as the sun moves.

    Then again i do live alone and i'm a tight bugger.

    Just an idea!!!!
  9. sun works best if you can do it.....but it's a bigger risk.....spend a few hundred dollars and keep it stealth or grow on your window and get caught and do time and possibly get your assets seized, i'd go for the stealth mode every time......Peace out....Sid
  10. The 4ft floro. I mentioned above goes for about $10, plenty cheep for any budget. The "security" lights go from $40 and up. Alot cheeper than a couple hundred for a big HID, that would be overkill in your small space.
  11. Ok im thick :) .... i keep forgetting not every1 lives 100ft up in the air lol.

    There aint a lot of good things about living in a block of flats but free light and no nosy ppl walking past r 2 good things.
  12. go to home depot or a hardware store and buy a HPS security light. at home depot a 150Watt HPS runs about $60.
  13. A long time agrow (ha ha) I was in similar circumstances. You can easily find in almost any deprtmentstore, walmart, superstore, etc a 33 w flourescent light called a grow light, or grow&show etc. I used a clotheshamper lined with tin foil and even covered the top with tin foil around the light, the idea being to let the plant get all the light available. The grow light cost $15.00 cdn/$10.00 usa. After a few weeks I went and bought a regular flourescent, it was same size and made by the same company and cost $10.00 cdn/$7.00 usa. For @ $ 2-3 you can buy a bag of soil. This is a worthy investment because they contain no diseases or pests and contain loads of nutrients so you dont have to worry about fertilizer of the start. After about a month I went to a second hand store and found a flourescent lamp that had 2 20w lights for $7. You will find the frow light is kind of a purplish light that it gives off, the normal is white. For the flourescent lamp I found these bulbs that gave off a blueish light. That way you have as much of the light spectrum covered. After a month you can find for $3 a powdered fertilizer called Schultz Expert Gardener all purpose plant food and under the name the numbers 20-30-20 . Later when you go to flower the same company (for $3) has what is called Bloom Plus with the numbers 10-60-10. Inside the container is a small spoon mix one to a gallon (cleaned out plastic milk jug or sunny-d jug). It does not seem like much but a very common mistake is overfertilization which can kill a plant very quickly. All the prices i quoted are the price i saw all those things for at my nieghberhood superstore today. (except for the second hand lamp. An advantage with the flourescents is you just plug them in to your normal plug in, no wiring required. If you cant afford a high pressured sodium for flowering (along with proper ballast, or you run a big risk of a fire) you can use that setup all the way through. You wont get as much bud, but if you do it well and have some luck with your first grow you could get an oz with one plant, I think I got 32 grams wich is 1 oz 4 grams. Don't get discouraged and give up, and in the next 3-4 months try to save up for better lights for next grow, but you can have a decent grow doing it that way. For the 1970's & much of the 80's all alot of pro growers used was flourescents. Good luck and I wish you much success!!!
  14. Ive seen them at homedePOT but not a 150watt one the biggest i seen was 75watts and dude dont waist your time with fluoros there great for the veg stage but there not gonna do the job for the flowering stage

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