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  1. What are the best LED light Bulbs? I'm using 6 Feit 65w 9w consumption bulbs doing well so far. but I know I'll need more light. dont have a lot of dough ir space. thank you 20190828_141413.jpg 20190825_143115.jpg

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  2. I run quantum boards
    The better the light the better the yield.

    There are cob lights also that people have success with

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  3. The most efficient are Samsung lm301b and lm301h diodes, there are a lot of fixtures on the market that have these

    I don't know what lights you're using, are those household bulbs? Are they 9 watt or 65 watt?
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  4. They are FIET LED Grow bulbs. They're rated at 65w but only draw 9w. I wasn't expecting the first time cloning would work. Now I have 6 plants growing inside and 4 budding outside. Plus working full time. The AGONY!! LOL
  5. Then they are 9 watts. That 65 figure is meaningless and you're better off forgetting it as its just going to make things confusing.
    How many 9w LEDs are you using? The plants do look a little stretched, I would get a proper light if you're planning to flower them indoors
  6. OK. I have six now. Started with 3 maybe thta's why. I plan on it. Just trying to find a space
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