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  1. what would be the best led lights for 4x4 room? I have 6 clones, first time ever, from these plants. lemon tree seeds. thank you . right now 4 Feit 65w actual 9w grow led lights working ok. 20190814_172646.jpg Fotor_156589940491597.jpg

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  2. You plan on leaving em in there until Harvest?
  3. The big ones or little ones? I plan on repotting the small ones and grow until harvest.
  4. I saw the big ones I was assuming you left them out there......The reason I asked if you were going to have them in that same tent from now until harvest least to me.......your answer would help determine light
  5. Got ya. No they will go to a bigger "Tent". Just worried about electric bill and fire.
  6. If you use the quality LED Boards you need 28 watts per square foot minimum ...
    If you make your own LED Grow lights its normally a dollar per watt making the light .
    that doesn't cover the cost of plexiglass if you decide to have a cover over your diodes as in light emitting diode AKA LED .or the hardware to hang the lights over the plants and or raise and lower the lights .
    The Samsung 2V 288 are nice but I would mix in one QB 96 elite just for the red color spectrum
    The QB 96 can be pushed to 320 watts but or you can dim it down to 200 watts het longer LED board life .
    The Samsung 2V 288 boards are 150 watts per board and you need 450 watts minimum and most growers have a few more watts then suggested wattage per square foot .
    The Samsung Quantum Boards are the most energy efficient grow lighting in the world to date .
    LED technology is advancing every day .
    What was new LED technology two years ago is almost old technology now .

    If you buy the cheap LED grow lights its really a waist of your money because the use twice energy .
    Those LED are called Blurples brand name like mars .
    The blurples you need a actual 48 watts per square foot minimum .
    Most blurples only draw 1/3 of advertised wattage ..

    I buy my boards and heat sinks from Horticulture lighting group ..
    Other members say they are getting quality LED grow lights from Alibaba out of china .
    Personally I could post allot of info on Alibaba to make one wonder if they are really getting that name brand product or not .

    hope this helps and maybe Tbone Shuffle will chime in ..
    I would follow what advise he gives ..

    Good luck
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  7. that helps a ton thanks Bud!

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