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  1. My plant is now in the flowering stage and i have been using two 75watt floods it's whole life and i have not had one problem. Im just curious why everybody flips out about lighting. My last plants budz were actually very very potent but they were small. and the way i see it is you don't really need those expensive lights.i've heard alot of people say yes you do if you want good bud.then i leat them have a little taste of my cola and there lips puckered up and the changed there mind real quick.i think the only real problem i had was the buds were little.
  2. the HPS is most commonly used to provide the correct spectrum= more may get buds but not as many and as potent......if you look at woody's harvest pics, he has one of a plant on a keyboard, does your plant's look like that when harvested?....if not it will be mainly down to the spectrum....i would imagine that woody triggered flowering when the plant was say maybe 10" tall and when finished on average yielded nearly an oz, if i remember correctly.....however that is because he grows S.O.G....if he let the plants get big you'd be talking 4+ oz.....i let one go to 7' and got 6oz......the only real way for a comparrison would be if you were to get the same seeds as someone else and grow yours under the floodlights and someone under an HPS, and try to get the conditions the same.......i think you'll see a big diffrence....may it even be that your floodlights are in fact either MH or HPS....?.....Peace out...Sid

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