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  1. So I have a closet that is 6' long 2.5'deep and 8' tall. I have done plenty of very succesfull outdoor grows but want to try my first indoor grow. Im still debating to go mh or led. If i go led im getting a mars, any advice on good brands for the mh? I only want 2 flowering plants at a time to start. Im leaning towards led because its easier to control heat but everything i have read claims mh produces better quality buds and larger yields. Thanks for the help:)
  2. You'll need both mh for veg and hps for flower if you go down that route. They should both run from the same ballast. I used a 700w mars before with good results, in that space I'd go for 2 400w.
    You could run 2 400w hps/mh in there as well, you've plenty of height and generally they give better results. But they'll use twice as much power and generate more heat.
    You'll need a good extractor fan anyway so the choice is yours...
  3. Oh yea, im looking for brands mostly. I have decided mars is my best choice for led but i havent seen any reviews on here for mh/hps. Just want to know what ppl have had success with and ones that they have not. Dont want to buy a piece of crap.

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