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  1. Hello fellow gardeners, I have a question regarding floresent tube lighting. I have a old salt water tank light that was used for growing coral that is 48" long....that being said 2 of the 4 bulbs are 12kk (power white I believe.) there is 2 anantic (cool blue I believe) also it has 9 watts of led (blue) lights. Is this enough light?
  2. It MAY be ok for young plants, but that's about it
    It needs to be HOT5 for max lumens and wattage
    I used a Quantum Bad Boy 8 bulb 432w for 2.5 years
    It performed well, but nothing like when I replaced it with a QUALITY led
    Time to explore leds
    See my thread/s
  3. It is a HOT-5....currently I also have a 400 watt hps. Im using dwc method in a tent that is 6 ft tall 4 ft long and 2 ft deep with a 6 inch exhaust fan
  4. Why not use the 400 watt hps.  Plenty of light there.  They will veg fine under hps, maybe throw the t5's in too that way you get both wave lengths.

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