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  1. What would be a better choice? 4x1000s or 8x600s? And what's the cost difference to run a 600 vs a 1000 how much of a saving?
  2. 8 600 would cost more. 4800 watts. 4800 x 18= 86.4kilo watts per hour. About $7 a day to run. 4.5 for flowering. 600 are easier to cool. 1000 watters put out a lot of light. 4 would save you money or buy a fifth and pay 7.25 a day veg. 5 a day flowering.
  3. I'm running 4x1000s right thought 8x600s would cover a bit more lights that's why...but 7$ a day isn't bad
  4. Cost is different depending where u live...check ur power bill for the cost per kilowatt n multiply
  5. As said it depends where you live. My kwh is .08. If yours is say .15 it would be 13.50.

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