Lights? will these work?!

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  1. Ok so i just want to know if these ballast with the reflectors would work if i got the right HPS and MH bulbs for them... I dont see why they wouldnt work i just want to make sure....Im in desperate need of lights so please any input would be great...especially at the price this guy has them listed for!

    this is what he has as the description....
    "We some 120\208\277\480 volt 450 watt max HID HPS High bay lights in good condition, for sale. Great for Warehouses, Garages, Sheds, Horticulture, Greenhouses, Supplemenary lighting. The lighting is bright and natural. All of the Lamps and ballasts that are sent out, work properly, and work with HPS, MH and MVG bulbs, just swap it out. Most of the existing lamps are 350 watt HPS however there are a few MVG. The package includes mounting hardware, reflector/shroud, ballast, and lamp. They stand about 30 inches tall and are 18 inches round. The ballast and lamp CAN be seperated with little effort, its just 4 bolts.These lights will work perfect in a standard outlet, all you need is a 120v 15amp cord cap from Home Depot."

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  2. yeh they should work , but id disconnect the ballast and put a 10 foot 1.5 mm 3 core cable on it , so they are easier to mount , because they should be pretty heavy.
    and i wouldnt wanna hang my ballasts over my plants , just incase.
  3. sweet thanks alot for the quick reply....and yeah thats a pretty good idea thanks alot man :)....saved me a bunch of money and im prob just gonna get like 4 of them and hold on to the ones i dont use right away lol
  4. you could but some reflectors to mount the lamps on also , so you have the lamp horizontal above the plants , to spread the light better
  5. im gonna make a grow tent with pvc and then put black and white mylar on the the inside will be white and outside will be black to keep all the light inside and reflecting off the walls....its only gonna two maybe three plants max and im gonna have one 400 watt HPS and two 50watt quadband led panels in there as well... if anyone wants instructions on making a grown tent with pvc and mylar let me know

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