Lights Went Out For 36 Hours During 3Rd Week Of Vege

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by aussiegrowa, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,
    I went away for the weekend and you wouldn't believe it but the morning I left, I checked the room and sure enough as planned lights where out little did I know the breaker had thrown flipped the switch and the room has been in darkness for 3 days.
    they are about 3 weeks into vege, I don't want to chuck them and I don't want to stress them as they are from seed and im worried that the stress of putting the light back to 18/6 would stress them to hermie or male.
    My question is this, is it too much after 36 hours of dark to continue on with vege or should I just turn them now and get what I can, assuming that the 36 hours hasn't completely stressed them (they look ok still all green and healthy looking) they have quite a bit of size so I would get something off them just nothing compared to what I would have.
    Has anyone had this situation happen?

  2. They'll be fine mate, get em back on the right schedule. You can turn them to the point of being able to sex them. I've also quite often picked up flowered clones and vegged them.

  3. Thanks buddy, so are you saying by having them in the dark for that long I can return them to vege and continue to grow them aswell as be able to tell the sex of them?

    So they should show their sex shortly?

    Thanks for the reply :)

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  4. itl be like a marijuana solar eclipse lol ! should be fine though =P :smoking:
  5. your plants will be fine
    having day light hours messed up in veg will cause no problems
    just don't let it happen in flower
  6. I had exactly the same thing happen a month ago, they should be fine as long as you get them back into the light, and give them a nice feeding.
    They were droopy for a day, and sprung right back.
  7. hey thanks for all the comments.

    I have put them back on a 18/6 and they seem to have not missed a beat.

    Will turn them in a couple of weeks, hopefully no males :)

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  8. lol indeed
  9. So just for future reference, both female and doing awesome. :D

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