Lights on vacumes

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  1. Why are they there? Did someone plan on vacuming in the middle of the night?:confused:
  2. Closets maybe. Any room without lights I guess?
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  4. I did a google image search for "Seinfeld Facepalm" but came up empty. I did find this though, so what the hell, enjoy.

  5. i'd rather have a light on my vacuum than no light

  6. we use it as a flashlight. am i the poorest person on GC?
  7. You think the light might help when one vacuums under a bed?;):rolleyes::smoke:
  8. It is used as an emergency beacon if you are stranded on an island and happen to have your Hoover vacuum. That island should be equipped with a plug (probably in a palm tree). Plug your Hoover vacuum in and wave it around, your beacon should attract a nearby cruise ship. Your welcome.
  9. I agree they are really useless. Who vacuums in the dark.. Even with lights some people still pick up socks, bras, rubbers, vibrators. Toys,pens , pencils,super baslls etc.. I know because i do this in my job, unstop them that is...toke on..

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