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Lights on at night time (UK)

Discussion in 'Security' started by BenjiOG, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. I was just curious what would happen if you had your lights on at night in the uk
    instead of the day

    I was just wondering as it might be safer as you are indoors not out at work college or whatever?

    I know they have helicopters these days and if they fly over at night they could see the heat that is what I see as the con for it?

    Please leave responses below?

    BTW i am not growing just curious?

    As this may help alot of people in the uk who are not aloud to grow(apart from the goverment haha)
    PnP :smoking:
  2. iv heard that the helicopters dont fly about at night ? thats just from 1 person who told me has his lights on at night?

  3. Ah ok Thankyou

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