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LIGHTS How Far From PLANTS?: Flowering

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Purplepackz, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Wats up I have 9 plants. They're 7 weeks into flower, some of the plants have hairs 50% brown some have hairs about 30%. Theyre in a 2'x6' closet. I had a 600wat HPS hanging 32 in. away and they were loving it, but I thought it would bbe a good idea to move the light closer. So now its 18 in. and I was only gonna give them one more full week.

    Is 18 inches too close at this point?
    Should I let the hairs get browner?
  2. Find the distance you can comfortably hold the back of your hand from the light before it's too hot.

    Hang the light just above that.
  3. yeah just what this guy said. if its too hot on your hand, its too hot for the plants. and wow, for you to fit 9 females in a 2'x6' space is amazing. right now i have 4 females in a 2x'6' area seperated by a wall cuz 2 are in a box 2 are not. and im still trying to figure out how to give them enough space.
  4. haha yup idk why i thought 2gal pots would be good enough and I average only 20grams per plant but I could actually fit 12 very easily with those pots. When I get the money Ill switch to 3 gal but the 2 gal isnt bad. I havnt done very much experimenting but Im gonna top my next crop. WOULD ONE WEEK GIVE THE REST OF THE HAIRS ENOUGH TIME TO TURN 60% BROWN?
  5. It will depend on the strain. Some mature faster than others, but its not about whether the hairs are a certain percentage brown. You can move your light down to 12" for an hour and turn the hairs all brown. The true key is the percent of trichomes that are changing color. They will change when they are ready, you can't really rush Mama Nature....
  6. At the moment, my plants are that close to the hps that they are nearly touching the lamp (within 2-3 inches) and believe it or not, there is no burning. Others further away are actually growing past the level of the light and are starting to push into the shade.

  7. Might wanna raise em a bit more and keep a fan running across the tops.

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