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  1. I just started my flowering light cycle(12/12) and i was woundering if i should change the light from the cool white(blue) CFL(for veg) to the more warmer CFL. If not when should i change it to warm(red)?

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  2. I'm still a nooby but from what I've seen they like the red spectrum more for flowering state so I would switch

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  3. You can use 2700k's both for veg and flowering. 6500k (probably the once you have) is for veg.
    You can also use a mix between 6500, and 2700 for flowering. :)
  4. Alright thanks!

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    No problem mate!
    The reason why you wanna shift to 2700k's, is because i simulates the mid summer/autumn sun.
    Out in the wild, that when the plants naturally start their flowering cycle. 
  6. We went over this yesterday 2700k for flower its still going to be the same tomorrow too.
  7. See this, your looking for something like that. Before you get confused it doesnt have to be the same watts just the same kelvin rating. The more watts and bulbs the better. I'm not too sure what's so hard to understand. Im not being a dick I just don't understand why people have such a hard time with this. There's a ton of information on cfls . you've previously asked about bulbs and have been given the info.

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