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    Is this light a good light to use during flowering? (20w 120vac 60Hz 315ma)

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  2. As long as the color spectrum is around 2700k you should be fine!... You also want high lumens...that info that u showed on the side of the bulb don't tell u about color or lumens
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    O ok well its a red spectrum anit was a good amount of linens i know it just taking forever to see signs she is 1 week and will be 2 weeks on Wednesday (into flowering)
  4. Using household fluorescent bulbs will work, I believe it will just take a little longer with less yield. As long as you're in red spectrum you should be fine! I use hps high pressure sodium for flower works like a charm:) maybe look into that!
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    Haha wish i could put my plant in your grow room i know i can't get a hps though because im going back to school and my closet is probably too small well im sure one can fit in there but just don't have the money right now
  6. I have seen some awesome final harvests from fluorescents! Good Luck! Alcohol kills:)

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