lights dropped on plant

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  1. second week of flowering and the lights somehow fell on the plant that had just started to bud and there were female hairs finally showing up

    took the lights off right after they fell...

    it was pretty healthy, but the stem is a bit bent and the top portion of the bud is bent slightly and looks messy and sort of crushed.

    will it hermie or die?
  2. you might be ok.

    only time will tell.
  3. Duct tape it if it breaks or bends works good

  4. chicken wire will work too...


  5. Dude.... this happened to me last night but I didn't hear them fall. I woke to the smell of smoke... my lights fell and burnt my plants pretty badly. They were all broken or burnt. All dead.... sadness

  6. ARGHH!! That would suck big time.

    That reminds me that I really need to invest in a better lighting system. Advanced Nutrients has some grow equipment that seems to be long lasting. That might help me avoid this sort of thing.

    I would much rather not wake up to smoke in my room. Yikes. That makes me shudder.
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    I'm rebuilding right now with more lights and a better air system. I also just put in the fans for my travelers trunk seedling/cloning station. Had the lights on for 8 hours and the temp was barely above 70. The temp was 85 with the lights in and the lid open about 3 inches. I'm going to add about 3 more CFLs and see what the temp is. I'm perfecting all my setup before I attempt another grow
  8. How did you have it rigged up to hang?

    I have 2 plastic clothes hangers and I have those ZIP TIED to my shelf in the closet (they are doubled together for strength).....and then to allow the light to be lowered down to my plant I have another rigged hanger ZIP TIED to the other hanger and I hang the cord (by kinda "crimping" it around the hanger). Can't get much more ghetto rigged than that eh?

    It almost slipped and fell on my plant but luckily I was there to catch it.

    Sorry to hear about your plant, hopefully it pulls thru.

    But how did you have it hung? Was it just a fluke fall or did you figure out what the fault was?

  9. Well it looked like the zip ties failed. They weren't broken but just came undone. I suggested maybe tying some strong string to reinforce the ties. I had mine with zip ties on these metal shelf units That you piece together. The ties failed and the lights fell. All the plants were broken and/or were almost black from the lights burning them
  10. Is it possible that they were cheap small zip ties? You can get big heavy duty kind. The kind that police use for handcuffs.

    Or is it possible that your light was too close and the heat maybe melted the locking mechanism inside the zip tie?

    What about using a heavy gauge steel wire and twist the hell out of it so it is so tight it won't come loose?

    How heavy are the lights you are trying to hold with zip ties?

    I am using zip ties to hold the hanger that holds my light, and I have the hanger doubled so it doesn't bend.

    Have you considered using any types of clamps to hold the light?

  11. It looks like the locking mechanism might have failed. I'm using 8 CFLs coming out of 3 light sockets. I'm rebuilding the closet to be stronger and reinforcing it with metal and screws so its attatched to the walls and also running a strong metal wire from the shelf to the top of the lights for a back up in case something fails again. I also just put the lights and fans in my cloning trunk. Getting closer and closer to being done
  12. Good luck with it. Hopefully it doesn't happen to you again....or me lol.

    I think I should look into beefing up my hanging setup. I would hate the last month and week to go down the drain knowing I got a lady.

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    Better safe then sorry! Take the extra step to protect your girl. I wish I did and I will make sure I do this next time.

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