Lights Been 12/12 for 5 weeks. wtf

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  1. Why is there so much yellowing? Its under a 150 watt hps sun system. I just added a fan which is not trained on the plant at all times. Its sectioned off part of my garage so fresh air does not always get in and at night a car is parked in there. The temps never get above 85 though. I had a friend grow this from clone as well. Its supposed to be pornstar OG, and he said his were finicky too. The buds look super small right now, should I be feeding it something else? The light is about 8 inches away from the plant.

    Ill add pics after I figure out where to upload my photo.
  2. I've learned that they yellow while in flower. The plant starts taking all the good stuff from the leaves and puts it elsewhere. Without seeing a pic I can't be sure but I just went through this at about the same point in flower. Should be fine. Post a pic.
  3. a few pics are needed in order to really help you.. i agree tho ^ all of my plants started yellowing after a few weeks of flowering.. unless there are brown spots or anything else, the yellowing shouldnt concern you too much.. i also had a strain that maxed out at 22" tall, it might just be the strain. pics please! then youll get more accurate help :)
  4. If the leaves are turning yellow from bottom up, it's normal during the flowering cycle. You can help it a bit by giving it a feeding of some nitrogen. However, if your leaves are turning yellow all over the plant, top and bottom, there might be a problem.

    Post a few pics when you can.

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