lights and time during sprouts?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hoko, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. Yes, Hi again all appriciate the help with all of my questions and i got some more seeds to germinate and dont have luck aight i have them in clean never used party cups with soil dont have fertilizer or any thing in the soil just soil dunno the ph level but i got soil out of a bag so dunno and i have had them under lights some for 4 days some for 1 and none of have come up yet how long from germination to sprouting does it usally take for big bud seeds?

    Secound question is i have 3 lights on them a T-3 light 2 48 inch cool white floros and a floro that is squigly and is in a lamp holder coming from the roof it is one of the ones that is suppose to last for life but they dont! well out of those lights i wanna cut it back which should i use cause ya already said the t-3 isnt that good for plants so will the 48 inch long floros just be enough they are 40 watts each and 2 of them....or the squigly floro or just keep all 3? help if ya could answer those ?????

    thanks alot hoko

    P.S. All ya all been great reading these forums and reading what ya write to me really helps thanks a ton 2nd growing experience is gonna be way better then the first if these plants come up shortly grrrrr dunno how long it takes so if this is normal say so.
  2. o yeah how long should i leave the lights on during this time while they havent come up yet.... i am afraid to dig down thats how i have lost a few before so not even going to to think about ti and should i be leaving the lights on 24/0 or none heard 2 different things off and on anyone clear this up?
  3. what up hoko
    use the two cool whites put them about 1 or 2 inches above and leave them on 18 off 6 oh yea and give them a couple more days. ya didnt want to try the paper towel way again never fails
  4. oh yea ya want two infest in an hps within a month perferably a 400 watt surf around and ya can find one anywhere for 200 to 350
  5. If you planted them quite deep they could take another week yet. Dont dig down for a look as you might damage them. Remember to keep the top of the soil moist + cover pots with clingfilm. Try hard to be patient.
  6. k thnaks all i will start saving for an hp might take a bit of time though gotta repair the wheels :( but yeah stink these were the new seeds and i plopped them into a paper towl and kept it moist in a cd case on low on a heating pad and ya right none of them failed 10 of the 12 i put into the paper towl have germinated and are under the lights now sighs but 2 of them are kinda looking like ready to germ so almost all but they may appriciate it all peace out g2g now thanks hoko
  7. let seeds in dark for 5 days

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