Lights accidently left off for 48 hours during week 7 of flower

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  1. I just got home from a 3 day fishing trip. When I went down to water my girls, the lights were off. I guess there was a bad ass thunderstorm that tripped my surge protector. I reset it and im back to 12 & 12. This happened during week 7 of flower to a Gorilla Glue #4, a Headband and a Bubblegum strain. Being in week 7 of flower, how concearned should i be and is there anything I should do to prevent oncoming problems. Any and all info or suggestions would be much appreciated thx
  2. there shouldn't be any problems.
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  3. Way better to be off than on for two days during flower.

    Should be no problem.
  4. Left mine on for 18hrs for five days had to chop one last night hermies out the ass hopefully the others are stronger. It's leaving tho lights on that's the problem your good my friend
  5. I just reveg'd a scrog for a month and STILL had to hack a schwack of bud off it just yesterday. Imma take a clone or two and garbage the rest because there are too many tops.

    edit: also had new pistils showing, and much of the bud turned purple since I harvested and switched it back to 18/6... so... kinda weird watching a plant veg and flower at the same time!

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