Lightproofing and Latching Cabinet Doors

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by DownShift, May 18, 2010.

  1. I am currently trying to get a stealth grow cab set up for my next attempt. I'm wondering if you guys have any good ideas for lightproofing doors on cabinets.

    I have a little dresser that would work good for a micro box, and I was thinking of cutting the fronts off of the drawers and making the drawer fronts themselves a single door. I just can't seem to think of a good way to lightproof and latch it so that you can't tell it is abnormal.

    In my current setup, I used foam weather stripping to light proof the door. The problem with this, though, is that the foam made the door stick a full 1/4" off of the front of the box. With the dresser I wanted to use, this would be obvious.

    I also have a gigantic latch on the outside that holds the door in with enough pressure to compress the foam, making it completely lightproof. I can't seem to think of a good alternative that would be stealthy.

    Any ideas guys?
  2. though i dont have an answer, i have the same problem! im in the middle of planning my build out of an ikea cabinet ive had my eye on

    AND i want to do the same trick (false drawer fronts that conceal a front door)

    im also worried about sealing it and I thought weather stripping would work. hearing your problem im concerned now... could you set the stripping inside the frame of the cabinet, adjacent to where it makes contact with the door instead of straight on? (if that makes sense)

    i saw someone suggested these latches for stealth, im interested now as well! apparently they require a magnet key and the latch is concealed on the outside. might be perfect Safety 1st Tot Lok Deluxe Starter Set: Health & Safety
  3. What about a door/panel behind the real doors? Easy enough to wrap a sheet of 1/4 plywood with mylar (or paint it) and then build a ledge around the inside edge of the box that it fits into, weatherstrip that and you're golden.
  4. i use black and white poly cut into strips on my cab. then duct/aluminum tape it to the cracks of the doors

    works perfectly and is nice and cheap

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