lightproofing a closet?

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  1. Hey guys. I got a question about light-proofing a bedroom closet vs throwing them in the bathroom (shower) for flowering period. Previously I threw them in the shower for the whole cycle, mainly cause its light proof, but it lacks fresh air and doesnt have the greatest ventilation.

    Im about to throw my new grow into flowering in the next week, and was wondering if I should keep them in my closet, and lightproof it somehow? or back into the bathroom? The only thing is that you obviously can't use the bathroom for 1/2 the day. which isnt a huge problem cause we have 2 bathrooms for 2 people, but still.....

    ANY advice, experience etc is much appreciated. please keep in mind im a college student, not bill gates. ;)

    pics of closet comin soon (about 7ft tall, maybe just under 5 ft wide, 3.5 ft deep) very rough estimates)
  2. well, it depends upon whether you will need to access the closet at all or if it will solely be devoted to your grow.... let me know, if you dont need to get clothing out of there and other shit then I have some suggestions for you.
  3. What I would probly do is just use the closet and hang some black and white poly over the closet door, you can probly even take the closet door off.. and if you want hang two pieces, overlapping each other and overlapping the wall by like a foot, and overlapping each other a few feet.. then you'll have two little lightproof curtains hanging.. overlap the floor like a few inches.. You may have to leave the closet door on there depending on your ventilation.. if you were planning on it being the door cracks than the plastic will suck to the closet and need the door in place to stop it from sucking in more.. I would probly just cut a hole in the sheetrock(easily repaired) for the input, and have the output going up through the cieling.. . . But ya either way.. that plastic.. works great...
  4. Just nail a big, thick blanket over the doorway instead of a door. Just stand in it with the blanket over it too see if its lightproof.

    this works well for blocking light and its easy to open/shut
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, it will be dedicated to the grow, wont need to get clothes out.

    What exactly is poly? :eek:

  6. Poly is just big a sheets of plastic
  7. what about something not as big as a closet? maybe just a small grow for 1 plant. is Mylar strong enough to almost make a blanket and use it to use inside covered by doors.
  8. heres what the closet looks like

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  9. drape some doubled up black poly on the inside. local hardware store and ask for black poly they should know.
  10. Poly is usually black/white poly and is much thicker and thus light proof, not just heavy plastic. It is suposed to be much thogher than plastic and mylar, and is close to as reflective as mylar. The big difference is it is washable. Mylar sucks for cleaning, or what I got was. Maybe the heavier mylar is different, but I doubt it.

    Good luck with the grow.

  11. hang a sheet or something, its much easier/cheaper
  12. get some sheets of some sort and staple it to the inside and make a little flap in a corner so you can pull the plants in an out as need be! and you might need smoe ventilation if you close off the closet.
  13. is this "poly" stuff cheap? compared to a few sheets?

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