Lightning Bolt!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Bourbon_420, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. LARPs are for nerds too nerdy for D&D.

    I knew a group of guys who would do what's in the video, except they used aluminium bats with a bit of padding so that when you got knocked down, you actually got knocked down.
  2. omg u hav got to be shitting me.....that is fuckin hilarious +rep for makin me laugh at nerds
  3. lol id like to see that lightning bolt nerd get in a real fight and get his ass kicked while he tries to cast a spell on the person
  4. [Bump]

    More people should see this.
  5. oh man, lightning bolt, lightning bolt. i love the girl clapping at the end haha
  6. Fire attack! Fire attack! That kinda shit is so funny. LIGHTNING! haha! That shit looks real boring,you have to be hard up for friends if you do that.(is it me or does that dude keep throwing rocks at the other guy?) JOE>

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