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Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Smokin Jake, Oct 12, 2002.

  1. Hi guys, I'm just starting my first attempt at a home grow, its gonna be a Bubbler and I'm gonna be growing 5 plants (hopefully)

    I was wondering about lighting, what would get the best results, 2x 150 hps or 1 400w hps? I will be using a couple of fluro strip lights as side lights.

    I'm only at the seedling stage at the moment, and I have some "Durban poison" seeds.

    But would like to know what would be best for the growth, the 2 150w or just 1 400w?

    Help would be appreciated!
  2. Thanks! thats "watt" I thought!

    (Sorry! couldnt help it)
  3. 400 pros:

    more light
    probably cheaper than two 150

    150 pros:

    almost as much light, less power, even better in some rectangular gardens
    when 1 breaks, the other still goes till you fix number 1
    you can get one HPS, one MH and have a fuller spectrum
  4. definately. go w/ the 400w preferably hps...and invest in a light meter
  5. Ive gone for the 400hps, should be arriving tomorrow! am gonna try an borrow me bro's digicam to post some pics, the seedlings are between 2 and 3 inches now so getting that light tomorrow will be good.

    Durban poison is from Dutch pasion (not feminised) has anyone got good knowledge of this strain? I've heard its a fairly good strain for newbies like me, I just want to know what it smokes like?

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