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  1. alright, i need some expert help here.

    i am currently looking at this house in an upscale neighborhood where the homes are very close together. i dont think it would be a possiblity to vent any air outside. even with scrubbers and a carbon filter, around week 9 or 10 i know there will be a smell. i am currently using a few 1000W HPS lights for flowering. i was thinking of getting a large grow tent and using CO2 with no ventilation. i really want to keep it low key, good enough so that when im trimming after harvest, somebody that walks in the front door would have no idea whats going on. the central air in the house should keep the tent below 90 degrees, i would think.

    are there any adequate ways to go about having efficient lighting? i know if i use HPS lights i will have to vent them, unless they are built in with an AC. but wouldnt you still have to vent that? me nor anybody ive talked to have ever used them. i was considering LEDs, but everybody told me i wouldnt have nearly the harvest ide like. i heard a few good things about bad boy not sure about what route to take.

    any suggestions?
  2. Have you thought about venting into an attic? Not sure if this home will have an attic...
  3. If you are using a couple of thousand watt bulbs then you will need to suck cool air in to keep things cool, they get very hot.

    To be honest, if you have a carbon filter and you are venting out of an upper floor vent or into the attic the smell should dissipate. If you don't use an exhaust and intake cool air it's going to cost you a hell of a lot for enough co2 and air conditioning, plus it requires a lot more work.

    I have a 3x3 400 watt set-up which is in a shed. It's vented with no carbon filter and you can't smell it 5ft away. Unless you're planning on building a factory I think you can get away with venting into the attic, out of an upper floor window or into a chimeny.
  4. cool tube ur bulbs man and cap off the end of the cool tube so ur co2 isnt being sucked out if u dont cool 1000 watt bulbs ur asking for trouble vent the lights to ur attic or a cold air return in ur room. Iam a roofer and 99 percent of houses these days have some kind of vent either at the ridge of the house or for a dedicated bath fan these are good options cause the smell and heat is being released at roof level nobody will smell it now be careful in winter if ur duct work isnt dedicated to its own vent and its just floating in ur attic this will cause snow melt on ur roof and possibly raise red flags make sure its hooked to its own dedicated vent much love man hope this helped i have terrible punctuation and grammar bear with me
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    woah woah guys sorry i was high when i posted this i feel like i left some things out.

    i dont live in that new place yet, just loooking at it, lol. of course my 3 1000W HPS hoods are vented! my plants would be soup if i didnt. lol sorry for the confusion.

    i have a carbon filter. it doesnt dissappate the smell completley. i can still get whiffs of chronic standing outside my house. it is ok to do that here at my current residence, but this new place wont work. i purchased a new carbon filter about 2 months ago.

    the house is a split level, and so are the other houses. this neighborhood is also kind of hilly, so a house on the hill 60-70 feet away from this new place has their deck almost on the same level as my roof. i cannot risk venting it out through there. if i place vent on the leeward side of the house, i guess the wind would pull it over the lake. but i still cannot risk a direction change where my neighbors can smell it. im not sure who the neighbors are yet, but in the community i know judges, lawyers, doctors, and even police officers call that township home. i can easilly talk to them and be a good neighbor, but i just cant have any smelly vents.

    there wont be any cold air returns in the bedroom i believe, unfortunatley. i believe the home has an attic, but it has sidewall vents on each side of the house, underneath the ridge. so that vented air from the attic will make its way outside.

    hope i cleared things up. oh, and i realized there was a lighting sub-forum after i posted this. doh!
  6. hmmmm jeeze man sounds like u got ur hands full. Seems to me though 60 or 70 feet away in outside conditions that would be kinda hard to smell for anyone especially a untrained nose lol if ya know what i mean. I would say unless ur going for some real skunky shit u should be ok check some strains out with less aroma i think sage is one em and i got blueberry going now and it makes my house smell like pie lol .....whats wrong with baking pies.. hope i could help man if ur that worried about maybe u should reconsider ya know? go with ur gut
  7. 70 feet is more than enough to get rid of the smell unless you're growing hundreds of stinky plants
  8. Using two or more carbon filters is an option...
  9. If the home has central heating and air, you can pull fresh air towards your lights, and
    for the room using this vent. Then run a separate filter and fan with ducting straight up into the attic. If your exhaust is 4:1 (passive) then you will always be pulling air through the filter and out into the attic so you will never have air leaving the room through your intake or through your doorway into the room.
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    using two or more carbon filters would tie up space and electrical breakers that i dont have. each breaker in the house is only 15 amps i believe? you know, other than appliance breakers and such. if i were going to use HPS, than i would wire in a 220 line like how i have it at my current residence. i wouldnt use the fans with the 220 line obviously, but i dont believe there are enough electrical outlets in the bedroom to support more than 2 fans (intake + exhaust), plus everything else i would plug into it (slave cord for a timer, dehumidifier, osciliating fans, ect.) i am NOT running extension chords through my house. as i stated in the first post, if somebody walks in my front door they cant have any idea to what is going on.

    there will be about 20-30 plants flowering at a time. i dont mean to brag and im not bullshittin', but my genetics are very good. in the same generation or family or whatever of my bubba kush was recently just pictured in skunk magazine. the guy i got my bubba kush from got it from a guy who started it out as seed and chose the best bubba. the guy who started it from seed submitted in a picture, and there ya go! luckilly it was passed down to me through a few hands. but yes, my bubba kush, sour diesel, and death star STINK. and im not changing strains, lol.


    i am planning on getting a tent, just in case of emergency situations where i may need to quickly tear everything down. you know, co2 inside a completley sealed tent, yea you know the specs.

    are you saying i take air directly from the bedroom (outside of the tent), push that through the lights, than exhaust it out of the attic? it could be a possibility. as long as the air inside the tent will not escape, than i am cool with that.
  11. Running the air from outside of your tent, through your light and up into the attic would work to cool the light and that air would not have an odor so long as everything is truly air tight.
  12. Venting to the attic won't help, your roof has eaves and soffits and probably a ridge vent that all let air out of the attic -- from an odor standpoint venting to the attic may not be any better than venting straight out a vent.

    Your problem is odor, and the only solution is to move all of the stinky air through a filter. You have a medium-sized op with several 1kw, so you are creating a lot of stink. I don't think the sealed environ with CO2 will address that, in fact it will just back up the odor into your house. You might need to add an extra panel on your electrical system, but you need more air movement and more/bigger filters to handle it all, period.
  13. As stated above, you would run a carbon filter > Fan > Ducting into the attic. This is what I do for my 5k watt setup, and dozens of customers have done and it works perfectly.

    Lets assume for a moment odor still is an issue, well you roof is most likely above nose level and the air is warm.. causing it to rise.

    Venting through the attic does work.

    Now if your ducting / fans and carbon filter are too small, thats another issue.
  14. I know nothing really about them but I hear they are getting good, LEDs? Would help hell of a loot with ur temp probs love peace and bananas GG

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