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  1. Is a hemipro 3 led worklight and a 13w cfl enough to grow one plant in a grow box?
  2. Technically that would be just shy of the 100w for the first plant target(website says led is 75w), but i'm not sure about the spectrum of light the led is going to give off.
  3. Even with the cfl? Is there anyway i can
    Like wire two cfl's together?
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    Oh ok so i need to aim for 100w i was told i needed 3000 lumens per plant. So i only need 22 more watts?
  5. Anybody know how much watts are in a stick n click?
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    The most simple and effective thing you could do is to buy higher wattage cfl's and use a splitter. You should be able to get both at any walmart, lowes, or home depot. There is a guide CFL guide sticky on the absolute beginners section that will help you. It's not just about lumens, there are also two distinct types of CFL as far a color spectrum. MJ likes more blues in the veg stage for this you want to use the "soft white" type about 2700k and more reds durring the flower stage, for this you want to use the "daylight" variety about 6500k. In an ideal situation you should use both.

    Edit: Heres the link to the CFL guide
    Edit 2: Regarding wattage, the rule of thumb is 100w for the first plant and 50w for each additional plant there after. That's not to say more isn't better!
  7. So if i use a 30w cfl and the hemipro led 75w it would be enough?
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    If thats what you want to do try it. Like I said in my last response you would be far better off getting the correct spectrum CFL's. It's ultimatly your grow all I can do is offer advice. That led scares me because I simply dont know what spectrum of light it is or how may lumens it is. But, technicly yes that would be enough wattage for a single plant. Just remember the more work you do to create the perfect conditions the better your results will be. You WILL get out what you put in.
  9. The led is kinda blueish white is that good?
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    Veg light

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