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  1. Hey wat up i have got a t8 fluorcent light i was just wondering if i can grow all stages with it and what the pros and cons are for using this light.
  2. it depends on how many watts you got. 100watts per plant is a good measure. the pros of using that light is you can get close to the plant, the cons are your plant won't flower like if you had a HPS or MH. so i suggest to use that for veg if you want to but get yourself a HPS or MH fixture for flowering. most people dont recommend using those lights but then again people have still done it so its up to you.
  3. right now i am running 2 t8 bulbs with 2800 lumens 32 watts at 6500k i have a t8 120v fixture...should i run it at 24/0 or 18/6??:confused:
  4. 24/0 and 18/6 is usually a matter of preferance or cost (light bill) i personally run my veg light 24/0.
    With 18/6 you may get a little bit of stretching... But that's where preferance comes in.
  5. You will get shit flowering with those lights.....

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