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  1. So I have a 600w hps eye hortilux in my closet grow and a sunagro in my green house the hortilux i thought was a better bulb but heres the problem. if i vegg under the hortilux plants grow like crazy then i flower them and by week 3-4 i get yellow leaves dying left and right were the sonagro is keeping its plants happy and healthy. I first thought that the closet had heat issues. which it does but right now it s not over 75 with good airflow and its still yellowing. some strains do better than others. is there a hps that is for vegging that hortilux carries? my wife bought the light before she was my wife. when she bought it she told the grow store guy she needed something for her hous plants to get more light and they sold her an eye hortilux not sure which one just 600w. So when i buy a new bulb for flowering which one should i buy sonagro or a different hortilux. these were grown under the hortilux this grow was in feb and the temps were low no yellowing but the next grow didnt do as well

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