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  1. Hello, I was wondering if anyone can give me a link to were I can order some AMPS off of? I was also wondering what kind of amp I would need for a 400 watt hps?

    Thanks in advance,

    Your fellow pothead :)
  2. amps? in the method of measuring current?

    Peace out..........Sid
  3. Hang on lemme think about this... I think you have amps confused with ballast.... I think that this is what you're thinking.

    Amps power speakers and speakers make noise.

    Ballast power a grow light and grow lights make light.

    I'm thinking that this is what you're thinking, and you just had your words confused. But if this is not what you're thinking then tell me that I'm thinking that you're thinking about something that you weren't thinking about... That's just what I think, but it might not be what you think.

    ^^^^read that one stoned :D^^^^
  4. HIGH All, now I'm thinking your thinking is right on the money.
  5. Erm, I read somewhere that there such things called amps that increase the power output of your lights, I may be wrong. But my light seem like they arent putting enough wattage out. Is there any way of increasing power output?

    Thanks in advanced
    Your fellow pot head :)
  6. Lol shorty!
    I did read it stoned, and i had to read it quite a few times :)
    Hi Nuggets welcome to da City!
    I dunno where u read that info but its fairly wrong!
    If u want a hps light, u need a ballast and a bulb,
    Ballasts and bulbs are measured in watts!
    if youve got a 250w ballast then u want a 250w bulb!
    Same principle for MH/Floro's as well!
    Hope that helps!
    P:S: Wot kinda lite u using? wot kinda set-up u got?

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