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  1. I am starting my firts grow_indoor,hydro, DWC (seeds are on the way). I am planning a 3.5ft wide/deepx5ft high grow box. I have priced a 250 watt and 400 watt HPS system. Will one of these be enough. How good are organics, do they work as nutrients. Any recomendations. Will soil pH meters work in nutrient solutions. Any help will be appreciated.
  2. this ones just gona slide down the boards un touched by all due to u not using the search button buddy

    were all a little bored with these questions so ill just advise you to use the search button in the upper right of your screen.... and pray HighGirly420 dosent cross your path.....

    good luck and pm me if theres any true difficulty... i can pretty much handel any hydro queston u may have but if its dirt related I'mma have to shoot you over to sid.. cause i know jack :D g/l

  3. a 250 or a 400 would work in that space, you dont have a lot of hight though so thats your limiting factor. by the time you have the dwc and the light in there then that doesnt leave a lot of room for the plants. the best way to grow short plats is either sog in a nft or if you must use dwc then think of a scrog.

    i like canna nutes, gh hydro are good aswell. i dont really do organics.

    get a proper ph meter and a cf tds meter aswell, you WILL really need it if your doing dwc, even more so than any other kind of hydro.
  4. Damn, your a life saver.

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