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  1. I was wondering about a few things, I have a 1 1/2ft cool white 18W flouro, 1 16W Warm white CF (~60W output), 2 14W cool white CF (~45W output).

    I was thinking about getting a few more, but im not sure what is better, cool or warm!? i am going to get the 18W CF - 100W output.. can anyone tell me which is better or where to go to find this information??
  2. Whats the sq/ft of sapce? You need to get the sq ft and then divide your total wattage by that and you get the watts/ft2 number. Your goal is 50-75 for soil. Id recomend to get a 42 w CFL or at least a 26 w if your adding any more lights. And if you see a buch of 26w bulbs on sale as a pack or just cheap buy a full set of tehm for your box and convert the whole thing to CFL's all the same watage. This will be much easier to train if your growing scrog style and give you more even growth across the growbox.

    And go by the actual power consumption not the light equivelency to a incandecant light
  3. would u recommend cool or warm?
  4. a mix of cool and warm is best.
    more cool for veg and more warm for flower.
    gr0wer is right saying it makes things a lot easyer and simpler if you keep to the 1 kind of light (tubes or cf's) as a mix of types and wattage's does make it hard to get a good even light cover.

    personaly i find tubes a lot easer to work with than cf's also with tubes u dont have to worry so much about leaf touching light and burning so you can get the lights a lot closer.

    some people prefere cf's.
  5. fs mostly coem in warm. You can get extremly blue "daylight" spectrum bulbs, but they dont have cool for some reason.
  6. im about to give up my 4footers because of room restriction, im going with the cfs. i always thought the twisties looked weird, but the lumen output is insane. i was looking at a 26 and another one that was equivelant to 100 watts incadecent. it would almost benifit me to get rid of my 160 watts of 4ft long floros to go with 3 42 watt cfl in a 3.5x2.5ft closet. what do you say grower?
  7. I seen a thread on a forum once, someone used cfs (those twister ones) in a scrog, the plants looked like they were loving it.
  8. I say use your 80w ballast, trim your housing si it fints a 2 or 3' long bulb and attach the fittings back onto the modified fisture. You can overpower a floro in excess of 100%.
  9. Nice job padwan. :D You search well..
  10. stick w/ the tubes!
    those cfl's sound nice but they get hot!
    angle the 4' fixtures. set on end on the floor other on wall. wal-mart has kitchen/bath bulbs that are 3450 lumens. 4 of them would equal a 150w HPS. just train your plants to follow the bulbs angle.

    Have Fun,

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