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  1. alright upgraded my light to 400w M/H ballast and bulb. out of curiosity though is there any way of making the ballast support a 1000w?
  2. Nope, unless you're an electrician and know how to rewire a ballast. I think the capacitors and ignitors can't be changed so you'd have to get new ones.

    I wouldn't try it.
    Something I learned at the hydro store the other day is that a 430W kit can run a 400W bulb. A 400W kit can run a 430W bulb but it will only use 400Ws.

  3. Two words.....absolutly not......they have totally different specifications...thanx for asking someone before testing your safe..gro well.


  4. Just curious,,,,did they also tell you that the reason for this is due to the ballasts used, are of the same specs,,,only the bulb configurations are different...

  5. I didn't get that much out of him. What he basicly said was that it's not recommended. He said a 430W bulb in a 400W system would get watts in the low 400s (waste of time and money) and a 400W in a 430W system would burn out faster.
    I'll just stick to what's on the ballast.

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