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Lighting ?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Newbie Toker, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. Me and a friend ae lookin to start growing, in his closet. I've looked at the pricres of MH and HPS lights and that is waaay outta the question, so I think im resigned to using fluoros, we will be growin 1 plant at a time in a 2 foot x 2 foot x 4 foot high box, how many lights will we need for optimum yield?

    I live in England aswell so I cant get any of the cheap lights available on the other sie of the pond :-(
  2. u just taking a risk G.... i suggest u grow 3, to at least be sure u get at least one female....
  3. A few questions about that:

    If we grow 3 in such a tight space, wont it restrict growth? What if they all turn out female? there isnt enough space for all 3 to grow, and what happens if we have like 2 males and a female, wont the male pollinate the female and fuck the growth up?
  4. 3 females in a tight place, u can make 2 females in hash...

    2 males and 1 female.. remove the 2 males.. it takes time befor a male pollenates the females, and males will show sex first.....
  5. Ok, good point ;) so now on to the lighting, how many fluoros will I need, and what is it likely to cost? will it increase the electricity bill by much?

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