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  1. Ok so here is the deal, my baby been growing for 8 weeks or so now, outside, all i have been doing is feeding her.

    She's looking kinda big and i keep hearing people going on about flowering and vegging and all of that, but i dont really know what she's doing, all i know is that she is growing.

    Now seeing as it is october and the nights are getting cold, i dont really want to leave her outside to die, so i bring her in at night, although there isn't much sun during the day now.

    So i have decided that the best idea would be to grow her insdide from now on, i have an attic where she will grow but i have no clue where to get the lights from, what type i need as im not sure about the flowering/vegging/budding whatever.

    I have a tight budget so i want to get hold of the cheapest i can really untill i get my bloody job back. I'm in the UK so its even harder to get hold of stuff like that.

    Can someone lend a fellow grower a hand?

    i heard about "warm white flouro's" or "regular cool flouro's" which one to use tho?

    I'm pretty sure thats its about ready to bud, someone mention little hairs near the stems or something?

    Help desperatly needed !!!!!!!!


  2. ...have a look on ebay uk - search for 'sodium' or 'lowbay'...i'd go for a Lowbay with a sodium bulb rather than flouros for your one plant (if your plant is flowering, a sodium bulb will give off the right kinda light for flowering)....good luck
  3. ok will have a look thank you

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