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  1. Does anyone recommend a good place to get my lighting stuff? I know it would be cheaper to buy stuff at a store than online but my Ace Hardware doesn't have HPS lights. I think I might buy from because they're HPS lights are $19.99 for 35W to 400W, is that a good price? They also have timers, mylar, etc. Maybe some people can look into using their "light movers". It's a motor that moves your light on a rail so it will cover more area. IDK, any better suggestions to buy stuff from?
  2. you need a ballast with HPS bulbs, and theyre alotmore expsencive than the bulbs
  3. I see they have ballasts too but can you please explain what that is?
  4. puts out the power needed for the light by plugging it into the wall then into your bulb
  5. Alright thanks. Well is $25 a good price for a ballast?
  6. $25 for a ballast doesn't sound right.

    I just paid around $600 for a 600W ballast/reflector/bulb set up (including shipping).
  7. THAT MUCH? Maybe I should stick with crappy CFL's. This is only a 100W ballast, and the bulb is $20, and no reflector, so maybe that's why its cheaper. But $600! You must be a dedicated grower!
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    $600 is alot for one 600watt light.

    I'm about to buy 2 600 watt lights with air cooled reflectors and digital ballasts for about $550 w/ shipping from

    I would have a hard time justifying anymore than $350 for a 600 watt light. $600 is alot.
  9. then is $50 a good price for a 100W light and ballast?
  10. The reflector (Yield Master II), MH Conversion Bulb, and 600W Digital Ballast were $415, the 600W HPS Grolux bulb was $80, and shipping was $75.

    I ordered from BG Hydro :)

    I'm sure there are cheaper options out there.
  11. well that might be too big. i was thinking of something small for a small box scrog grow
  12. I don't understand why people try to go for THE CHEAPEST stuff around, bottom of the line you get what you pay for. Yea you could buy a bare minimum 25 dollar ballast, if you read closely it says core and coil only, no compositors so unless you know alot bout electricity, which you obviously don't, I wouldn't suggest you buy that for several reasons. One, there is no housing, which means your gonna get burned if its running and you touch it. Two, do you even know how to wire it? There is no socket, no cords, no reflector, nothing, just bare minimum core and coil. Go to you can buy a coil 150 HPS with reflector for like 70 bucks with a remote ballast.

    Bottom line, you get what you pay for. If you just don't have money, go with CFLs they aren't crappy, they just grow slower. There have been alot of successful grows with CLFs.

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