Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by chocolate thai, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. what kind of lights can you grow cannabis in i have a light in my kitchen and it doesn't seem to be growing under it. p.s hello everyone.
  2. floros,,high pressure sodium ,, and metal halide other lights may work but not as good,,,,,good luck
  3. cheers but i am not sure what kind of light mine is it's not a flouresent light or a u.v light. what does the plant actually use for the photosynthesis.
  4. it uses a lot of the red and blue spectrum. is that wot ur asking?

    the best light to grow under is sunlight. can b a bit unreliable tho.
  5. as 4 ur kitchen light is it 1 of them little spotlite things? if it is it mite b a hallide. these lights r mostly in the blu end of the spectrum, mj uses more of the red than anything thats y sodium (HPS) with its orange tinge works so well, funny enough the suns a bit that colour aswell!
  6. Make sure that light isn't a regular incandecent. I've heard that those are just about useless in growing just about anything.

    I've got fluorecents on mine, and they're looking fine so far.
  7. i have now put my plant under two flouresent lights will this grow faster than if i put 1 flouresent light on it?
  8. i just put my plant under a tourch light and it grew like hell but i keep hearing that plants only grow under u.v or flouresent lights.

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