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  1. Are Blacklights good for growing about 3-4 plants???
  2. ZNope...Only HID lights

    Meaning, HPS, MH, Or flouros!
  3. I have never heard of anyone trying to grow cannabis with a blacklight. It won't work. I think your plants will die unless you give them at least some fluorescent light. High Intensity Discharge lights cost a lot more ,but are worth every penny when you look at your end results.
  4. I know a guy trying to grow 6 plants under blacklights,
    He said they were growing alright,but i found it hard to believe
    i seen 1 of em and it was about 5" tall with 2 tiny leaves
    thats after 4 weeks,it looked pale and droopy and shit,
    I tried to tell him about it loads of times, but he dont listen

  5. no
  6. what u mean no there not good at all or what?
  7. no good at all. a plant needs light in the red and blue wavelenghts. blacklights dont have this.

    buy some cheap fluros or betta still a hps light
  8. Put it this way.

    using blacklights is the equivilent of waiting till your plants are done with flowering, then throwing them in the garbage, just a waist of time m8 :)

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