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  1. Just had a question. Ihave not yet started to grow bud but a friend of mine says that he can get hold of some seeds/clippings from his brother. Questions that I have are:
    1) Are seeds or clippings better to grow?
    2)Would an incubation lamp used for chicks provide enough heat and light?

    Thanks v much
  2. I would rather have a clipping if you learn how too root them. They are already developed some, and you don't have to spend much time in the vegetating stage. And if they are taken from a female plant you are guaranteed the female bud. As for your light I wouldn't recommend you use the chick incubator. How many watts is it? If you have no other option though something is better than nothing. I would get some florescence lights. They are cheap and work fairly well. If you have the cash get a HPS light.
  3. 1)clipping's/clones much better
    2)incubator light......Don't do it

    If anything use flourescent if you can't use an HID Lamp

  4. As soon as they pop out of the soil,get them under a flourescent....

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