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  1. So I want to upgrade my light but my budget is just going to be 200. I am growing in a closet 3x4x5. What do you guys think? Anyone had a good light in my price range that will work with only a five foot ceiling?
  2. If you can, build your own. It's around $1/watt with quality diodes. You can start with 200 watts and add more as you go.
    Check out for guidance.
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  3. With that kind of height restrictions you gonna want to go with LED and you will need to keep your girls short.

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  4. 3 of these would do great in your 3x4, get one now and the others when money permits.!!
    Horticulture Lighting Group 135 Watt Quantum Board LED Kit V2
    u could get a 135w board/driver for now and save up for the 320w XW to finish filling the 3x4.!

    what light r u using now.?
    u might can add a QB to what u have now and replace your old chit with QB's one at a time.!!
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  5. I’m using a t5 panel right now. That looks nice but 200$ is my budget for a long time I don’t really have much disposable income atm.
  6. The best light for your price range is a 600 HPS. The light you should buy was suggested above or some combination of about 450 watts of quantum boards
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  7. T5 is pretty good lighting, how many bulbs does your t5 fixture use.?
    r they 52w per bulb.? (sry, its been a while)
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  8. It’s a two foot four bulb panel. Not sure the watt on the bulbs. Thanks for the replies everyone.
  9. Listen, I didn't post for a bit been busy. You can build a light. You can get 4 x HiFlux L09 = 4 x 96 diodes on each board. These are 2' long and ore official Samsung modules made with LM301B (modern) diodes (most modern diode atm).

    The price should be ~$200 including the driver. I will attach a shopping list, but keep in mind that's for 8 modules (2 sets). If you order from Arrow, ask for a first time customer code and you should get 8-12% off. I suggest purchasing the 18/4 wire and some 5 way Wado clips from there too.

    So I gave a set to my wife (4 modules per set) and hung them for her. I split 2 modules per tier and they are easily supporting the plants we have there including a fig tree. So just place them side by side for a 2x3 footprint easy. Can update as you go along; Samsung will release new modules next year (LM301H).

    I should go update my light report...

    I only recently added some cheap heatsinks and I did it more for support as the modules don't get hot at all.

    Here some pictures for you:
    DSCF2109.JPG DSCF2110.JPG DSCF2111.JPG DSCF2207.JPG DSCF2208.JPG DSCF2209.JPG OCT 2018 price for boards and driver.png
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  10. Go with LED's. I know it isnt exactly in your price range but it would be the best option for your plants.
    Im taking in consideration:
    • the 3x4x5 housing
    • the amount of heat generated by conventional lights
    • the superior light spectrum produced by LED's
  11. 4pack/135qb 3500k 99$ just buy driver n ur good

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  12. u r running about 100 watts,
    your t5 is enough to cover 2 sq ft in flower (one ft x two ft), this is more of a veg light meant to cover a 2x2 area (4 sq ft)
    anything u get would benefit your 3x4 space.!! (a few cfl's would help!!)

    get one of the HLG 135w QB's, put it beside your t5 fixture, flower one time, and u will be getting a second job to buy 1 or 2 more and u will throw the t5's in the attic or in a new 2x2 veg tent.!!

    i would be willing to bet the 135w QB will produce twice as much as four 2 ft T5 bulbs.!!!!!!!!

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