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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Growerrrr, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. I just ordered a 450 watt viparspectra. But I also have 4 40 watt CFL’s and one 80 watt CFL. Could I use both the CFLs and the LED light, or should I choose between one? The LED light hasn’t arrived at my house yet, but the seedlings are only on day two of light with CFLs. If my LED. Light comes soon, would it be harmful to my plants if I removed the CFLs and only use the LED light?

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  2. Good question
    I have 450 led
    And 250 cfl I only use led but hoping more answers will come up about it ..
    Grow some good plants with that light

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  3. I’ve been reading that both can sometimes be better. I just don’t want to screw it up... they’re growing so fast right now!

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  4. Cfl is a waste of money in my opinion. If you’re looking for primo bud you need to invest in a light that is worth a shit in order to get quality results. Don’t get me wrong I have a 600 watt viparspectra and I love it. It grows nice smalls plants. But my sun system 630cmh. You cant beat the buds you can grow with that. Or look into quantum boards those are great yeilding lights.
  5. Good luck and happy growing
  6. To answer your question... Yes, You CAN mix cfl and led lighting , with no ill effects.
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  7. I mix led, florescent t5 and t8, and cfls. It might be a waste but I've gotten between 3.5 to 4 ounces on auto flowers 3 times now. Friends have grown the same seeds with just a led, same as mine, and are only getting 2 ounces per plant. It could be a number of different things but I'm not changing.
  8. I just got 5.5 ounces off single plant using a quantum board light pulling 200watts or so at the wall. Less than a 200 dollar light.

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  9. What would you say if I told you that light is capable of pulling over 15oz.
    Seen plenty guys hit 2gpw with them qbs now. Scary good tech. Need to get me some too :(

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  10. Best money I've ever spent

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  11. I’m doing a 2 GPW experiment with 240 watts of qb120’s. First scrog I’ve attempted too since my main space is 4x4. I’m not crawling around in there. I overvegged this monster so bought some qbs, made the scrog, threw her in a 24” x 36” concrete mixing tub of super soil and give her a tea once a week


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  12. Timber grow lights, or GH quantum boards. Samsung also makes a nice board kit available through timber grow lights. CREE, Citizen, and Vero are the best LED chips available besides those boards now. I personally have the Vero v7 set up with 6 Chip on board LED lights maxing at 600w. Totally up to you, I messed with the cheap amazon lights for a while. Honestly, just wasted electricity.

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  13. Thank you for the advise bud!

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  14. Yeah know what you mean they grow so fast it's crazy ..
    How many plants are growing or gonna grow with that 450 led light ?

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  15. Hey I’ve got 4 plans right now. You ever use led before?

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  16. Yeah I use 300w led
    And 450w led.. only thing I know about then is to keep em away from your girls .. I have .one about 30" away then slowly move em down 1 every other day or summit ..

    But I kinda wish I started with cfl lights they look fun to grow with xd

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