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  1. Hey everyone
    Im new to this site as well as growing. I had a question about lighting. I have a dimmable light currently over my main plant. I was wondering if my 4 hours of dark can be a very dim with the more intense light on the 20 hours? So its 20/4 light/dark ratio with a constant oxygenating bubbler system with a stone/soil loose blend.
  2. Sure. You can do anything you want ;) Some growers do 24 hours of light during veg. I don't see the benefits of what you're proposing, but it shouldn't hurt anything.
  3. Awesome. Thanks for the quick response. Im growing with a 20/4 ratio on this one and a 24/0 on the other.
  4. I personally don't like 24 hours as I find the strain I grow doesn't like it. The only plant I have under 24h light is my mother plant so I can get more clones faster. I like 18/6 as it's a good balance and saves electricity, but 20/4 won't hurt it if anything it will take shorter to veg
  5. IMO 24/0 causes weaker roots on some strains, the only time i will use it is for autos, many studies claim roots grow most during the dark periods, although some outside growers in AK do not have a total dark period and produce some nice meds, lots of different ways/ideas on how to grow the dankest meds none are wrong IMO as ling as YOU are happy with your results.,,
  6. Awesomeness! Thank you for that.
  7. . i use 24 it grows faster the roots are the same as 18 there is no extra stretch . easy to control the conditions its always the same temp . i have tried side by sides using MH and led and t5 t8. 24vs18 best results were with the t8 led tubes under 24/7 now the mother plants and all the clones and new beans sit under 24/7 . i used to run 12 hours of MH and then the t5 would kick on for the other 12 hours to stop stretch and get speedy growth so it had 24 hours of light but different kinds . until led come out there beating every bulb in veg cant comment about plasma not dropping a grand on a light . so use 18 or 24 these plants do not need rest . so what really works best ? what you like is the best my opinion
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  8. I agree.
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