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Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by thebudman, Dec 4, 2002.

  1. im just starting out and i was wondering what the best way to get good dank. I dont have a lot of $$ so i was wondering if i could grow good stuff with like a 100-200w mhl or a full spectrum floro. If someone could give me some pointers in the right direction it would be appreciated greatly
  2. can i use a hps for the from sprout to harvest? i am thinking of only growing 1-3 plants

    all the hps ive seen are like 250-300$ are there any cheap ones for $100 or less?
  3. try this web site, they can send you a free catologe.

    they got a 100w hps light for $130

    try e-bay too
  4. I have been adding cheap HPS to my inventory. I have been getting them from LOWES. They come with the bulbs as well.
    They have 150 Watt units for $88.00 and they are kinda neat because they are small units in a housing suitable for mounting in an electrical box on a side wall I have built a mount that really looks like a boxed cage with round piping that allows me to adjust the lighting to where I want it.

    This way you could add lighting as you have more $.

    Regent Bronze High Pressure Sodium Mini Flood Light
    Item #: 42543
    Model: MFL150HPSRC


    Die cast aluminum housing, bronze finish
    Clear, impact -resistant glass shade
    150 watt high pressure sodium bulb included
    High temperature gasket provides a weather-tight seal
    UL listed for outdoor use
    1 year warranty

  5. Does LOWES have a website?
  6. thanks for the link

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