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  1. Was wondering if it would be better to use a 400w+250w hps or do 400w hps + 250w mh i only have 4 ladies so which set up would use go with
  2. hps + mh seems like the better option as you will get a wider spectrum of light which leads to healthier plants etc
  3. So would you use one of each mh an hps then just rotate the plants daily ?
  4. I would get two ceramic metal halides 400 watt bulbs (operate on HPS 400 ballast), and hang the bulbs vertically. Plants positioned surrounding them. rotated once and a while
  5. Well my 400w an 250w ballast will run either bulb I also have a 1000w mh that I use I have been switching out. Runnin both my small ballast with hps for a week then using the 1000w mh for a week just rotating them, and also I'm a newbie my first grow
  6. how is light rotation working? also what brand of soil and fert are you running with? just curious.
  7. I've only been doin the rotation of the past few weeks deffinatly more tric development , and this is my 1st grow so I didn't wanna invest a whole lot so I just went with some Walmart dirt t was scotts hyponex mixed with MG organic mix an my nutes were dyna grow in veg an tiger bloom at flower

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