Lighting Your Herb With A Soldering Iron- An Introduction, Tutorial, and Review

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  1. Stoned much?
    Look at a normal soldering iron and do the math. You're spot on dude.
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    fuck yeah stoned much

    i did look at a normal soldering iron and do the math...
  3. plus rep
  4. great post and great idea. I already picked up a hakko soldering unit and after reading a few more forums I realized the ceramic rod is UNDERNEATH the metal tip. I was just wondering if it is okay to use the brillo pad to clean the ceramic rod because arent the brillo pads for use with the metal tip? Im sure its no big deal just wanted to check
  5. Got my Hakko from Frys for like 25 bucks + 10 for the iron holder..

    Fuckin love it... I never turn mine off so its always ready to go. I wonder how much that drives up my power bill.. ?

    I prefer it over all lighting methods.
  6. is it just me or does that look like it would conserve a lot of weed over a lighter?
  7. im bumping this up since i just bought mine today and i just smoked a bowl and i already prefer it over a lighter, people should buy this

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